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Creating Licensing Opportunities for Manufactures

Some of the most exciting opportunities in our industries are in the licensing world. 

While historically, European and American construction and automotive tools manufacturers have been able to create a name for themselves in certain industries - the joining of China to WTO in the 1990's has reshuffled the industry almost completely. 

Most markets for anything from generators, compressors, welders, and all through garden tools - have commoditized and most manufactures in the industry use the same factories in China for a large percentage of their product. Once companies are using the same products from the same factories - how can you differentiate? 

That's where licensing kicks-in! Some of the largest brands in the world, in particular from the automotive, industrial machinery, power tool industry and otherwise.

Endless companies offer such licensing opportunities. But in general terms, each brand has its own criteria for product quality, and a percentage of the sales, ie royalties, that the manufacture must pay to use the name.

If you are a manufacture from Europe, US, or elsewhere, we are probably the best partner for you to get the right licensing partner for you.