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Our Brazilian partners had a successful contract in Manaus, Brazil, under which they commissioned a 400 MW diesel power station to bring a first reliable source of electricity to the remote region of Manaus, just by the Amazon River. The project lasted from 2010 to 2015/6 and was a remarkable success for our Brazilian partners, the local community and other stakeholders. 

However, the challenge our partners faced was in decommissioning – now they had to sell those 2500kva and 2900kva used, remotely located, huge generators, and had to do that quickly as every month that goes by increases rent costs, requires another circle of dry-maintenance, and depreciates the value of the equipment.

Luckily enough, ECE has been working with them for quite a while now! Although it did take some time to gather all the details and data for all the generator sets there, including their engine hours, detailed log books, required maintenance, and so on, once we did get all those we knew we could find interested clients for all those generators. 

After a couple months of circulating the data through our extensive, worldwide network, we could get good interest from one of our most loyal clients in Russia, and our newly developed regions of the Indian Subcontinent as well. 

Our unique positioning and extensive network throughout the world always assists us in providing great solutions for our clients, such that deals and transactions that would have taken months-and-months are closed and settled, with our help, in a matter of weeks.


250 MW from Brazil to Russia, India, Sri Lanka