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23 MW for CIS in Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia – 2016

Some of our highest potential clients are in the countries surrounding Russia, also referred to as CIS or former Soviet republics. Especially in those three countries, Moldova; Ukraine; and Georgia, who all have free trade agreements with the EU. Those trade agreements make it ever easier for us to deliver our German and Turkish made generators to them (as Turkey also has FTA with the EU).

In this project, we were asked to provide a little over 200 units of 200 KVA. The engine requirements were quite difficult to withstand: obviously, the client always wants to get the best value for money. But specifically in the CIS’s rapidly growing market, where cash is still scarce but competition is ever growing, it was quite a difficulty to reach the client’s output requirements.


However, through our extensive network of suppliers and factories we managed to provide Berstark generators with Riccardo R6110ZLD engines at standby output of 220KVA. It was not easy to get there, and we did work towards a more expensive deal with Volvo Penta engines, but it was a little too expensive for the client’s needs. We brought them the two options for testing, Volvo vs. Riccardo, and they decided that the Riccardo engine, though not quite as reliable as Volvo, is not so far behind and at the given budget provided a better solution.

The project itself was for a large group of companies with substantial interest in CIS regions, and particularly in Ukraine and Moldova. The generators were placed in remote processing locations that expanded as part of the booming agriculture sector in the region.

ECE has had the honour to also be designated as the service and support team for the project and has done so proudly since.