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Our business is attempting to make the power and industrial world smaller, and bring businesses in the industry closer together with an ever-growing exposure to the emerging markets.

Expanding Western companies’ product lines to emerging markets is an absolute necessity to both the Western manufacturing firm, and to the national distributor in the emerging markets. ECE has great connections, based on years and years of partnerships and cooperation, with distributors in many countries in several regions.

In the Russian and former Soviet (CIS) region, we are close with some of the biggest distributors of generators and power tools in most countries. In Russia, for example, our partner is one of the three largest power generator distributor in the country.


Together with their incredible dealer network, we can get access to over 200 sales points throughout Russia. Moreover, recently, as the Eurasia project accelerated, together with our Russian partners we can now deliver directly from Moscow to anywhere in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Armenia. Thanks to the Eurasia agreement there is complete waiver of all customs, tariffs and duties when delivering from Russia to any of the other three partners, like the more famous EEA.

Somewhat similar is our relationship with our partners in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia. Although the last has no geographic continuity with the former two, those three post-Soviet countries are often grouped together in business for several reasons. Firstly, all three have an FTA (Free Trade Agreement) with the EU (European Union); all are former Soviet states; all speak Russian as first or second language. So, our relationship with our partner in Moldova allows us easy access to all those markets.

We are also well positioned in India. The biggest challenge in distributing to India arises from its size and diversity. This world’s second most populated country is also home for over 30 states and territories. In this environment, we have seen many distributors who can reach only their local market, but not outside of it. The companies who have enough reach to the entire nation are usually massive conglomerates who will not take contracts short of the hundreds of millions in turnover. As our expectations are more moderate, we had to find a different type of Indian partner, and we did. Through our network research, we managed to find a wonderful partner in India who is small enough to work with us, yet large enough to have the capability to distribute to the entire land.

There are endless more examples with our partners throughout the world, but let us know if you wish to know more.


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