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From DIY to www...

There are great business people in the generators, DIY, power tools and the tangential industries. We can pride ourselves today in having achieved years of cooperation and successful business relations with our partners. While some of our partners come from more traditional business areas, we are also working with several small and medium size businesses in the world of online marketing, social media promotion, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and mainly SEM (Search Engine Marketing). The main idea is to bring together solutions from the modern, digital age in conjunction with our more traditional sectors so that the final product the client sees is so much more interesting, engaging, and forthcoming.

In a recent collaboration with a client in an Eastern-European country, we were asked to help in promoting a certain line of power tools that we distribute in the region. In that country, the offline marketing realm was already heavily competitive and saturated with commercials and advertisements from our leading peers in the industry filled the airwaves of television and radio. That was a fantastic opportunity for us to use our speciality agency partners, who ran a comprehensive study of the online presence of the product in question and its competitors on the internet.

After some 45 days of research, we received our responses: both our products and the competitors are completely absent from the cyber-world. The entire marketing efforts of all players at the discussed East-European country was based and focused on offline marketing. Mind you, that work took place in 2016 in a country with an internet penetration rate above 40%, and some 60% penetration rate for ages 16-55, by all means a crucial demographics.

Together with our online partners we managed to build a low-budget, cost effective, results driven and eventually incredibly successful campaign! We could easily, at that point, see substantial increase in orders and hence, an increase at the bottom line!