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Helping Manufacturers Find Export Partners

There are great business people in the generators, DIY, power tools and the tangential industries. We can pride ourselves today in having achieved years of cooperation and successful business relations with our partners. While some of our partners come from more traditional...  

Creating Licensing Opportunities for Manufactures

Some of the biggest opportunities around tools and equipment are in licensing. ECE has created a web of partnerships with licensing partners of the biggest brands in the world. Some of our partners have been able to land some of the biggest names in their... 

From DIY ->  to www...

Between the emergence of China as a world power and the world's factory-land since the 1990's, much have changed in our industry. From one in which most production had taken place in Europe and the US, to another where industrial production has moved mostly to China. Many adaptations need...


An internationally facing company, ECE focuses on creating, maintaining and growing our rich variety of network partners. Today we already hold close relationships with distribution partners in over 25 developing countries, the biggest ones are in Russia and the adjacent CIS region; India and the Subcontinent; Latin America with bases in Argentina, Brasil and Mexico; and many others throughout the middle-east, North Africa, Southeast Asia and elsewhere. Our rich list of manufacturing partner ranges through continents as well. Mainly based in China, where we have had presence for some eight years, but also with long lasting manufacturers in Germany, Italy, France, UK and USA. All together we have the ability to create deals and continuous relationships the world over, and have done so successfully for several years.






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